Why Learn German

Learning German is important for many reasons, as demonstrated by the list below. In light of one out of every four Americans having German heritage, Goethe’s quote is more apropos then ever:

„Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt, der weiß nichts von seiner eigenen.“
(“He who knows nothing of foreign languages, knows nothing of his own.”)

-Johann Wolfgang von Goeth-

  • German-Americans are the largest ethnic group in America today.
  • Germans form the largest single heritage group in the U.S.
  • German has an enormous cultural heritage:
    • Music: Beethoven, Bach, Handel, Mozart and Brahms.
    • Science: Einstein
    • Literature: Goethe, the Brothers Grimm, Hermann Hesse, Ernst Jünger and Patrick Süskind
  • German has the largest number of native speakers in the European Union (far more than English, Spanish, or French).
  • Germany has the 3rd strongest economy and is the #1 export nation in the world.
  • German is the second most commonly used scientific language.
  • Germany is the third largest contributor to research and development and offers research fellowships to scientists from abroad.