School Board

Organization and Financial Support of DSC

DSC is a non-profit organization, governed by a board of directors. The board consists mainly of parents elected by the parent body at the annual membership meeting. All parents are automatically members of the organization.

The board appoints the administration, also mainly consisting of parents. A principal directs the academic side of DSC. The library is managed by parents who, like the board and administration, volunteer their time.

DSC would not be able to keep tuition at its reasonable level without the generous support of the German government, European and American companies and Individuals, and Foundations.

President: Michael Raffler
Principal: Sigrid Belluz
CFO: Christiane Neumann
Secretary:  Adrian Stiefel
 Board of Directors
Board Member: Terrance Bates
Board Member: Sven Gerzer
Board Member: Glen Faltin
Board Member: James Harden
Board Member: Hans Hilgenstock
Board Member: Patrick Oltmanns
Board Member: Susanne Reckord
Board Member: Sven Schroer