The main objective of our curriculum at DSC is the development of individual skill levels for each child that will broaden his interest in German-speaking countries and enhance his enjoyment of the German language.

The curriculum of DEUTSCHE SCHULE CHARLOTTE was developed in accordance with the guidelines set by the European Framework of Reference for Languages and the National Standards and Guidelines in Foreign Language Education. We offer various programs to accommodate the different language levels and backgrounds  of the children, ranging from the mother language speakers to beginners with no German language background. German culture and tradition  are an important part of our curriculum for any age group. In addition the students are conveyed the German modern way of living and current events are discussed in the higher levels.

DSC accepts students from 2 year old to 12th grade and adult. The toddlers, however, must complete  2 years of age prior to August 31 and they stay without parent/caretakers in class.  3-year-olds are expected to be potty-trained. No prior knowledge of German is required at any level.

All classes are held on Saturday mornings from 9:30am to 12 pm. Students are evaluated by the teachers on the basis of interviews with students and parents to determine the best suitable placement. Small class sizes guarantee individual attention to each student.

Preschool (2-5 year olds)

We provide a nurturing classroom setting conducive to spark and foster the children’s intellectual curiosity for learning and maintaining the German language. The children are totally immersed in the German language right from the beginning. The trained teachers use a lot of mimic and gestures helping the young learners familiarize with new vocabulary and structures. We will explore various interesting topics and observe German cultural holidays like Lantern Parade, Christmas and Carnival. The children will learn through music, singing, playing, reading, (finger) rhymes, storytelling with pictures, props or puppets, and crafts. The emphasis lays exclusiveley on oral communication.

Kindergarten (5-6 year olds)

In Kindergarten the young learners  build upon and refine the communicative skills developed in the previous levels  by covering  thematic units of their immediate surroundings and environment. Songs, rhymes, storytelling, games, hands-on activities and arts and crafts encourage the children to actively participate.  Reading and writing  are not stressed at this age level. Easy sight words are introduced only to highly motivated learners towards the end of the academic year.

 Elementary Levels ( 1st -5th grade)

The DSC prefers  the students to be settled in their reading and writing skills in either English or their mother language  before they are introduced to  reading and writing in German.

The  language skills are deepened and refined through all the elementary levels.  At the end of elementary school,  the students take the national German exam, the “Internationale Schulische Vergleichsarbeit ” .

 Middle School and High School Levels (6-12th grade)

The curriculum of the intermediate levels (Middle School) expands the focus on acquiring   essay writing techniques, practicing more elaborate listening and reading comprehension exercises, and continue learning about the German way of living and geography of all German-speaking countries.

For the upper levels (High School), social studies, history and literature become part of the curriculum. A variety of up-to-date teaching material help generate interest for these subjects.

The students in the middle and high school levels are also prepared to take all the national and international language exams. Please go to ‘Testing”    to find out more about the preparation courses and exams offered by the DSC.

The Curriculum for Foreign Language Students

with no prior experience and no German language support at home concentrates on the introduction and acquisition of the German language both oral and written, with emphasis on the refinement of the communicative skills at all age and ability levels.


Conversation classes for beginners’ and intermediate level are offered at the same time as the children’s classes.