Why a German Language School in Charlotte?

At present, close to 200 German and 70 Swiss and Austrian companies have established subsidiaries in the Charlotte area. The existence of  the DEUTSCHE SCHULE CHARLOTTE   has helped many of these companies in attracting qualified employees.

DEUTSCHE SCHULE CHARLOTTE was founded in 1974 by German expats with the primary goal to help the children of the German-speaking community maintain their native language, but also to improve their language skills and enrich their knowledge about the culture and traditions of the home country. The main objective at that time was the successful  reintegration of the students of the so called “Lebensabschnittsemigranten” into the German school system after a temporary stay in the US.

In recent years, enrollment at DSC has shifted  more to students of German speaking descent who are growing up here and will be living in the United States permanently,  the so-called “Heritage Learners “. As they wish to maintain strong ties to their country of origin, they realize that familiarity with the language, culture and traditions of the home country is the key to achieve that goal.

In addition, increased globalization has placed a stronger emphasis on  the importance of learning  other languages and cultures. This is one of the reasons why DEUTSCHE SCHULE CHARLOTTE has become more attractive for American and foreign speaking students from many other cultural backgrounds as well. Many of our students learn German not only as a first or second language but also as a third or even fourth language. Our student body truly has become a melting pot of nations.

DEUTSCHE SCHULE CHARLOTTE is open to all qualified students without regard to race, creed or national origin.